Wait, where do I live now?

After about a week and a half home from a semester in Spain, I geared up for the next adventure–Washington, DC!

Granada in Andalucía of Spain--so blessed I got to call this wonderful city home for 4 months

As most of you know, I spent the past spring semester studying abroad in Granada, Spain. Those 4 months were absolutely incredible and full of enriching experiences. And it is time for an all new adventure and even more enriching experiences! 

After about a week and half home, I packed up again and made my way to Washington, D.C., where I will be spending the summer participating in The Leadership and the American Presidency Internship Program co-sponsored by The Fund for American Studies and the Ronald Reagan Institute. 

I am very excited to be participating in this program and to be spending the summer in DC! Through the program, I will be taking a class a George Washington University and attending seminars, guest lectures, and workshops in addition to working as the Member Group Intern at the Endangered Species Coalition.

I just completed my first full week participating in the program and at the ESC. And boy it has been VERY busy! I’ve already learned so much at the ESC and I really like all my coworkers (bonus: the office building is a shared workspace and there is always free coffee!!). During this first week, I have had the opportunity to meet Congresswoman Katie Hill from the 25th district of Southern California, which was very exciting because Ronald Reagan was also from the 25th district (if y’all didn’t know, Reagan graduated from Eureka College). In addition, we had our first class field trip to visit the estate of President George Washington at Mount Vernon in Virginia. 

World War II Memorial at night with view of the Lincoln Memorial

So far, I am loving my experiences here in DC and I am so excited for the rest of the summer. From conquering the metro system to seeing all the monuments to meeting the leaders of our country, I love everything about this city. 

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