Week 2: This was a crazy one

My second full week here in D.C. has come to an end. Boy was it a crazy week!

Before I begin rattling off about all the craziness that was this week, I’ll begin by giving a run down of what my typical week looks like.

On Mondays, I will be working from my dorm at George Washington University. Tuesdays I go to work 9:30-3:30 and have my required program class, Leadership and the American Presidency, 4:30-7. On Wednesdays and Thursdays I go to work 9:30-5, and on Fridays I have my LTAP class again but these days are reserved to do site visits.

Alright now that you all know what my usual week looks like, I’m going to give a run down of all the unexpected twists that occurred.

I knew this week was going to be a bit more hectic because we had a lot of program events going on. On Monday, I attended a a reception with the White House Fellows and had the opportunity to hear from several of them about their own career and leadership journeys. This talk was really interesting and I really appreciated the opportunity to talk with these very accomplished men and women about their paths and what they have learned from being White House Fellows.

Tuesday. Well that day was actually pretty normal and not much happened so I’ll skip over that, which brings me to Wednesday. This day, I’m not going to lie, made me want to pull my hair out. As I was getting ready for work in the morning, my laptop unexpectedly crashed. Now this is extremely inconvenient because I use my laptop to do all my internship work. I went to work hoping I would be able to get it back on. After about 4 hours of calling my tech wiz brother-in-law (shoutout Jacob) and Apple support, I was able to restore my display to normal, however, my trackpad was then delayed. Finally, I admitted defeat and accepted that I would have to bring my laptop to an Apple store. After trying to spend the rest of the day working on my phone, I booked it to the nearest Apple store and spent over an hour with the nicest worker trying to fix my laptop. Again, we both admitted defeat and decided that it would be best for me to leave my laptop at the store so that they could look at the software and hardware and fix the problem.

Thursday. I woke up this day with a minor case of food poisoning (thank you left over chipotle) and was not able to go into work as planned. However, I did have to rally because I had to attend a seminar at the International Republican Institute followed by an economics workshop. It was really cool to hear about the work that the IRI does and I must say that the economics workshop was probably the first time I understood economics.

Good ole Abe

On Friday, I woke up early to go to President Lincoln’s Cottage here in D.C. with my LTAP class. I really enjoyed this site visit and learning more about Lincoln’s presidency and leadership style. This was followed by a second (3 hour long) economics workshop that resulted in me leaving with a bag of candy and a paper plane so I was honestly pretty content. Later that evening, I had the chance to finally (after about 3 reschedules) to FaceTime my mentor, Emily. We had an amazing conversation about career/life aspirations, traveling, goals for the summer, possible contacts, and just getting to know each other. I feel really blessed to have her as my mentor this summer and to learn all the lessons she has already learned in her own career.

President Lincoln’s Cottage

Although I was still waiting to get my laptop back and was internally panicking the whole weekend about having to potentially pay over $400 to send it off site and get it fixed if no other attempt was so successful (thankfully I did not have to do this), Saturday really turned the whole week around because I spent it with Josh (my boyfriend who is also doing this program) and some new friends exploring Georgetown. We walked along the Potomac River, ate some delicious (but not as good as Chicago) pizza, and some cookie dough. We ended the night by walking along the National Mall to look at all the monuments lit up.

View of the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial

And now, we made it to Sunday, I finally have my laptop back and will end the weekend by doing some laundry and watching a movie because I am exhausted!!!

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