Week 4: A Very D.C. Fourth of July

Josh, myself and my roommate Natasha on the West Lawn of the Capitol Building at the Capitol Fourth of July Concert

Wow, I can’t believe week 4 is at the end. My time here in D.C. is officially halfway over and it is just so crazy how fast this first month has flown by!

Week 4 was full of fun and celebration because, as you all know, it was Independence Day! It was really exciting to be in the nation’s capitol for the Fourth of July. I had Thursday and Friday off from my internship and the LTAP program also gave all of us students the week off as well to enjoy all the festivities.

The celebrating kicked off on Wednesday night. My friends Natasha, Ryan, and Josh and myself all attempted to see the rehearsal performance for the Capitol Concert, however, after being given some wrong location information, we unfortunately missed it. It was okay, though, because we still got to enjoy a nice walk around the National Mall at sunset, eat some ice cream, and enjoy the nice weather!

Josh, myself, Natasha and Ryan at the Washington Monument

On Thursday, the four of us enjoyed a pancake breakfast (thank you, Josh) before venturing off into the city for all the celebrations. Although we did have tickets to attend President Trump’s speech at the Lincoln Memorial, we decided to head straight for the West Lawn at the Capitol Building so we could be sure not to miss the concert again! We ended up leaving later than we planned and were nervous we wouldn’t even be able to see the stage. However, to our advantage, law enforcement had evacuated the thousands of people who had shown up 6 hours early because of lightning; so, when we arrived at 6pm, we were the first in line and got to sit in the very front of the lawn!

The concert was really cool to experience. John Stamos was the host and performers included the cast of Sesame Street, Keala Settle, Carol King, Vanessa Carlton, Lee Brice, Vanessa Williams, Lindsey Sterling, Angelica Hale and many more. My favorite part was by far seeing Keala Settle perform This Is Me live. I have been obsessed with that song and with Keala since I first saw The Greatest Showman and I honestly had tears in my eyes. It was also really surreal to see Carol King perform live and of course Uncle Jesse made my childhood heart burst with excitement!

John Stamos hosting the Capitol Concert on the Fourth of July (sorry for the poor picture quality)

The rest of the weekend was filled with good food and lots of time relaxing, which will be much needed as we head into the fifth week because it is going to be a big one!

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