Week 7: It’s almost over

U.S. Capitol Rotunda (center of the Capitol Building on the second floor ~ features 4 Revolutionary period scenes)

Woah, week 7 is over and I have one more week to go before I leave DC. This summer has flown by so quickly and these last 7 weeks have felt like they went by in the blink of an eye.

This week was busy, just like the others. I am in moving full speed ahead at the internship attempting to complete the last of my projects before I leave. I know I have said this many times, but I am truly grateful for my experience at the ESC. I have learned so much about the organization, non-profits, and have gotten a good look into the kind of career I hope to have.

On Tuesday, I attended a Capitol Hill Briefing at (you guessed it) Capitol Hill. TFAS arranged the opportunity for students to go inside the House Chamber and hear from Congressmen David Rouzer (R-NC 7th District), who is an alumni of TFAS as well. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside the chamber, but it was a very surreal experience to be sitting in the same seats as many of our nation’s leaders. Even walking through the Capitol was captivating, we walked past Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s offices and it is hard to believe that so many people I admire walk the same halls.

The ceiling of the Capitol Rotunda featuring the painting “The Apotheosis of Washington”

On Thursday, the ESC arranged for the interns and staff to have a lunch with some members of the Board of Directors. It was really exciting to have conversations with the board members and share with them the work we have been doing at the ESC. I’ll say it again, I love the Endangered Species Coalition!!!

Friday was probably the busiest day of the week. We had out Leadership and the American Presidency class all morning and we were presenting our group projects on different events in American History that related to the role of the American presidency. After class, I got coffee (which everyone tells you is the best thing to do in DC) with a coworker from the ESC–he gave me advice on grad school, working on the hill, nonprofit, etc. and shared a bit about his career path. I’ve been really grateful to hear from so many people this summer about their career paths and how they have gotten to where they are now. It is very reassuring to hear that (almost) no one has any idea what they want to do for the rest of their life at 21 years old.

Following this coffee meeting, I made my way to the American Enterprise Institute office for another coffee meeting (again, always take the coffee) with the Senior Talent Development Manager who is also an alum of TFAS. I had networked with her at a previous TFAS seminar (on networking) and took her up on her offer to review my resume. Again, this was a really great opportunity and I learned so much.

Finally, it was the weekend and I had the chance to go spend a couple hours with my friend Capri, who I met while I was abroad in Spain. It has been really nice to have someone so close this summer that I can talk to (without annoying) about Spain and understands reverse-culture shock. Quick plug for studying abroad: DO IT! You make friends from all over and open up your world so much!!!!

Josh, myself, and Natasha loving the Mammals exhibit at the Museum of Natural History

On Saturday, Natasha, Josh and I went to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. I’ll admit it, I am a museum nerd, I love them and I love natural history museums. One of my favorite things about being in DC has been having the opportunity to go to so many different museums (they are free!!). This one was probably my favorite because there was so many different kinds of exhibits and we had a blast exploring around.

Art display of the ocean using materials found littering the oceans (TAKE CARE OF OUR WATERS, THEY’RE SO PRETTY)

Natasha and I ended the weekend going to Eastern Market, a huge street market with amazing, unique vendors in a really cool part of DC. We sampled some peaches, bought matching bracelets, and ate some delicious Thai food. Finally, we went on a hunt for ice cream with our friend Joe and fought through swarms of gnats to show him the monuments at night for his first time.

do it

That is it for week 7! I want to say thank you to everyone who has followed along on my journey this summer. I have one more week (and one more blog post). I am sad my time in DC is almost over, but am excited for a great last week!

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